Honorary Consulate in Sydney has opened

Successful Bosnian women, Mrs Demila Gabriel, who was born in Bosanska Dubica, was recently appointed as the Honorary Consul of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the region of New South Wales, based in Sydney.


Mrs Demila Gabriel: ''From Bosnian community, I want to make a strong and solid structure.''


Together with Bakir Sadovic, the former ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Australia, opened an Honorary Consulate of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sydney.


After a short ceremony, Mr Sadovic and Mrs Gabriel in the premises of the newly opened Honorary Consulate in the largest city in Australia, presented an exhibition of photographs of stećci, which last year listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


"I'm expecting a lot of work, so I immediately started with activities. In addition to the photo exhibition, all the guests had an opportunity to be furthermore introduced with tourism and economic potentials of Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the moment, I'm busy with the introduction of representatives of all the Bosnian communities, and on February 23rd, a have a meeting with Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore. Also, I will meet with the Islamic community as they have problems with the property registration in the land registry in Sydney. After that, I have a meeting with the school of Bosnian language, where they have certain administrative problems. At the Multicultural Festival in Canberra on February 18th, I will be hosting Bosnian organizations that will represent us in this festival, "says Mrs Gabriel.


According to the Honorary Consul of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the region of New South Wales during her term, she will work to attract as many tourists to our country, as well as foreign investors.


"I would like to make our community a strong, stable and concerted structure. Each individual is very important, I never refused to meet with anyone, and I will  continue to do so in the future. The Consulate doors are wide open for everyone," said Mrs Gabriel.


Mrs Gabriel has already helped humanitarian organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and one of those is the University Clinical Centre in Sarajevo. In April last year she donated 10,000 euros, of which KCUS purchased a new machine for hearth ultrasound. She was also a producer of the film directed by Jasmila Zbanic "For Those Who Can Tell No Tales ", which she personally funded.


"I've always tried in various ways to help my country. However, my favorite project is the set up of Stećak (tombstone) in front of the Parliament House in Canberra. I'm glad that after that, many Australians now know of our Stećak (tombstone)," says Gabriel.


Otherwise, Demila is a wife of Australia's rich businessman Chris Gabriel, who in future plans serious investments in our country. He is the president of a large Australian telecommunication group "Alive", a senior adviser to the company, "Macquarie Group", manager of "Talent Rise", the director of "Talent International", Director "JCurve Solutions" and the head of the advisory board of the "Clean Power Systems". For three years he was chief executive manager of the famous company for mobile communication "Zain Africa".

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